Member - Supporting Local Forest & Food Security

Hawaii Forest Industry Association - Golden Fuels Energy - Member

Member of Hawai`i Forest Industry Association (HFIA).

Manage and encourage sound forestry practices for the benefit of our forests and the forest industry.

Promote public relations for the Hawai’i forest industry and to stimulate interest, use and involvement in the forest products industry.

Hawaii Farmers Union United. Golden Fuels Energy member.

Member of Hawai`i Farmers Union United (HFUU) Waimanalo Chapter.

HFUU Mission is to advocate and create vibrant and prosperous agricultural communities for the people of Hawaii Nei. 

We assert that a multitude of smallholder diversified family farms that implement regenerative techniques in growing and raising our food will create a resilient, vital and productive agricultural system to better feed Hawai‘i’s people.

HFUU is composed of 13 Chapters across the Hawaiian Islands. We are represented with a seat on the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.

Healthy biochar soils. Local farms thriving from healthy soil and enhanced nutrition and water management. Increase biochar uptake for regenerative practices.

Biochar is a soil enhancer that can hold carbon, boost food security, and increase soil biodiversity, and discourage deforestation. Biochar can be an important tool to increase food security and cropland diversity in areas with severely depleted soils, scarce organic resources, and inadequate water and chemical fertilizer supplies. Biochar also improves water quality and quantity by increasing soil retention of nutrients and agrochemicals for plant and crop utilization. More nutrients stay in the soil instead of leaching into groundwater and causing pollution.

~International Biochar Initiative

Invasive tree Albizia (Falcataria Moluccana) shown dominating Hawaii landscape. This tree can be a major contributor to Hawaii food security when converted to biochar.

Potentially the fastest growing tree in the world, Albizia (Falcataria Moluccana) is one of the most noticeable invasive species in Hawaiʻi. These large trees, up to 150 feet tall, can grow 15 feet per year and quickly outcompete and displace entire Native Hawaiian forests.  Albizia also increases soil nitrogen levels, which alters an entire ecosystem and changes growing conditions, further creating an environment that benefits some invasive species over native flora. Endemic species are unable to compete with this highly invasive tree weed.

~Hawaii Invasive Species Council

Food Security starts with local food production. Being on the most remote islands on earth, we must have a robust agriculture sector with clean, renewable, and reliable energy. Biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy and regenerative farming practices are not an option. These are key to our future.

Local farms. Local food. Native Forests. Sustaining Hawaii for future generations.

Sustainability for Hawai'i. Food, Farm and Forest Security.